Commenting on a Claim

Note: To comment on a claim, you must have the Writer role or higher. If you have the Suggester role, following the steps below will suggest a comment.

How to Comment on a Claim

To comment on a claim:

  1. Open the ‘Comments & History’ section of the claim.
  2. Type your comment within the comment box.
  3. When finished, click the blue arrow to submit your comment, or press the ‘Enter’ key.

Tip: If commenting to communicate with a specific user, you should mention them in your comment by typing ‘@’ followed by their username to notify them of your comment.

This short video walks through the steps required to comment on a claim, as well as several other key features of a Kialo discussion.

Mentioning Other Claims or Users in Comments

  • While commenting on a claim, you can drag a different claim into the comment box to link to it in your comment.
  • You can also mention another participant by typing ‘@’, followed by their username.

Tip: If you’re on a mobile or touch-screen device, you may find it easier to click the ‘+’ icon to the left of the comment field to paste the claim from the Kialo Clipboard, or mention another user.

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