Understanding Suggestion Limits

If you do not have the Writer role or higher in a discussion, you are not able to directly create claims or comments. Instead, you can suggest claims or comments which can then be accepted or responded to by any discussion Admin (see: Suggesting Claims and Suggesting Comments), or you can request Writer permissions.

You are able to suggest claims and comments, or submit participation requests to a combined total of 10 pending suggestions/requests per day (this quota replenishes by one suggestion every 2.4 hours, resetting fully each 24 hour period). If you exceed this limit, a pop-up will appear to inform you the limit has been reached. For every one of your suggestions or requests that are accepted, you can submit another suggestion (for example, if you submit 10 suggested claims and one is accepted, you can immediately make another suggestion).

There are multiple reasons for this limit, including:

  • Bot protection: spambots often target sites to advertise links to other, sometimes malicious, websites (amongst other things). The suggestion limit mitigates the disruption spam- and other types of bots can cause. Instances of this should be reported (see: Reporting Breaches of Community Guidelines).
  • Spam protection: like bots, individuals may sometimes register with the intention of spamming messages or advertisements as claims or comments in discussions. Instances of this should be reported (see: Reporting Breaches of Community Guidelines).
  • Preventing new users from having a frustrating experience: new users, who may not yet fully understand the Kialo platform, can spend significant amounts of time suggesting claims in discussions which end up being unsuitable (such as duplicate claims). The suggestion limit mitigates this, while also allowing new users who suggest suitable claims (which are accepted) to continue contributing. As users get a grasp of the platform, they acquire Writer permissions in discussions, and become less reliant on suggestion-making to participate.
  • Preventing discussion Admins from being flooded: it can be easy for Admins in discussions to be overwhelmed by suggestions from users (especially in popular discussions). The suggestion limit allows users to contribute a reasonable amount of suggestions in discussions (where they have no participation permissions) while also lowering the risk of Admins being overwhelmed.

Note that this limit only exists for discussions which you do not have participation permissions in. There are no limits to contributing claims or comments in discussions where you have the Writer role or higher.

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