Suggesting Claims

Note: This article is intended for participants with the default Suggester role submitting suggested claims. For Admins responding to suggestions, see Responding to Suggestions.

About Suggesting Claims

  • If you have no specific role in a public discussion, or the Suggester role in a private discussion, you are not able to directly create claims. Following the same steps as Creating a Claim will instead suggest a claim, which can be accepted by any discussion Admin. 
  • Until a suggested claim is accepted, it is only visible to you and discussion Admins.
  • Once you’ve suggested a claim, you can create additional suggested claims (both Pros and Cons) under the original suggestion. You can also comment on your suggested claims, for example, if you want to clarify or explain a claim in more detail.
  • When responding to your suggested claim, discussion Admins can either accept the suggestion (thereby making it a regular claim) or comment on it for further discussion with you and/or other Admins (for example, to collaboratively fix an issue before accepting it). 
  • You receive a notification when a discussion Admin accepts or comments on your suggested claims.

Editing Suggested Claims

To edit a suggested claim:

  1. Click the Edit button located underneath the suggested claim.
  2. Make the appropriate edits to the claim.
  3. Once finished, click Save.

Moving Suggested Claims

If you find a better location for your suggested claim after you create it, you can move the claim:

  1. Click the Move button located underneath the suggested claim.
  2. The suggested claim is copied to the Kialo Clipboard in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  3. Navigate to the intended new location in a discussion, and drag-and-drop the claim from the Kialo Clipboard into the new location.

Archiving/Unarchiving Suggested Claims

If you decide you no longer wish to suggest a claim after you have submitted it, you can archive it by clicking the Archive button underneath the suggested claim. Archived claims do not appear on the Suggested Claims list for discussion Admins to review.

Archived suggested claims can be unarchived and restored:

  1. Click on the three horizontal bars at the top-left of the screen to open the Discussion Menu.
  2. Select My Suggested Claims.
  3. Check Show archived suggestions.
  4. Select the appropriate claim, then click Unarchive.
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