Extracting Claims

Warning: Extracting a claim is irreversible – ensure you understand what the function does, and take care in selecting the claims you extract.

About Extracting Claims

  • Extracting a claim turns the claim and all its children claims (i.e. claims located in the branch below it) into their own discussion. 
  • Once a claim has been extracted, a link to the new discussion is left where the claim was located in the original discussion.
  • Once you extract a claim into a new discussion, you will be the Owner of the new discussion. The other participant roles remain the same as in the initial discussion, with the previous Owner being an Admin.

How to Extract Claims

Note: To extract a claim, you must have Editor permissions or higher.

  1. Open the claim menu by clicking on the three dots that appear at the top-right-hand of a claim when you hover over it, or right-clicking the claim. 
  2. Select ‘Extract’. 
  3. Enter the Discussion Title of the new discussion.
  4. Click ‘Create’ to extract the claim.
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