Navigating the Claim Menu

Opening the Claim Menu

The claim menu can be opened by either:

  1. Right-clicking a claim.
  2. Hovering over a claim, and clicking the three dots that appear in the top-right corner.

About the Claim Menu

Depending on your current role in the discussion, most or all of the following options will appear:

  • Edit: Open the editing interface. Must have the Editor or Admin role, or have Writer permissions and be the author of a claim (see Editing a Claim).
  • Copy to Clipboard: Copy the current claim to the Kialo Clipboard (see Moving/Linking a Claim).
  • Paste Claim: Paste the current claim in the Kialo Clipboard underneath the selected claim. Must have Writer permissions or higher.
  • Comments & History: Open the ‘Comments and Edit History’ tab of the claim, displaying previous comments, edits, and other activity. The Comments & History tab can also be opened by pressing ‘C’ on your keyboard while hovering over a claim, or clicking the speech bubble icon.
  • Mark for Review: Mark the claim for review (see Marking a Claim for Review).
  • Archive/Delete: Archive or delete the claim (see Deleting a Claim).
  • Voting Stats: Display a breakdown of how participants have voted on the claim (see Understanding Perspectives).
  • Bookmark: Bookmark the claim (see Finding a Claim).
  • Mark Branch Seen: Mark the currently selected branch as seen, removing unseen changes notifiers (see Marking a Branch Seen).
  • Report: Report the claim to Kialo (see Reporting Breaches of Community Guidelines).
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