Supported Devices, Browsers and Accessibility

Supported Devices and Browsers

Kialo currently supports the following devices and browsers:

Desktop/Laptop: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge (& Edge Beta)
Chromebook: Google Chrome 
Microsoft Surface: Microsoft Edge
iPad: Safari
iPhone: Safari
Android: Google Chrome

Additionally, for Kialo to work, you need to be on a network that does not block SSL-secured WebSocket connections to You will receive a ‘Network Error’ popup with more information if this is not the case.

If you experience any issues while using Kialo, see Troubleshooting Technical Issues.

Accessibility on Kialo

Screen-Reader Compatibility

Kialo supports the following browser and screen-reader combinations for these operating systems:

Windows: Firefox & NVDA, Google Chrome & Jaws
Mac: Safari & Voiceover

Kialo has undergone a WCAG audit, and all features are and have been developed with screen readers in mind. All essential functionality works flawlessly using screen readers and best efforts are being made towards all of Kialo being as WCAG 2.1 AA compatible as possible.

For Users with Red-Green Color Vision Deficiency

For users with red-green color vision deficiency, you can enable an optimized color scheme that may improve your experience. 

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